What You Think, You Become

Today I will be calm and confident.

I can make my dreams come true!
I believe in my dreams.

I'm grateful to be me.

I feel calm, safe and secure every day.

I embrace changes in peaceful,
harmonious and positive ways.

I have everything I need and
everyone else in the world does too.

I'm able to solve problems creatively.

My ability to conquer my challenges
is limitless.

I express myself clearly.

It matters little what others say.
What matters is how I react
and what I believe.

I like myself.

I'm awesome!

I'm protected by angels.

I choose how I want to live.

I'm blessed.

I'm becoming stronger each day.
I'm a strong person.

I like to be here.

A steady mind, a kind heart and
inner peace.

I'm relaxed.

I like my body.

My Inner Peace
is more important
than outer influences.

I feel what I feel and that's okay.
I do not have to act on the feeling.

I believe in myself and my abilities.

I'm rested.

I am consciously present
here and now.

I can deal with difficult situations.

My past need not affect
my choices today.
I may choose something new!

From calm and gratitude to
confidence and courage.

I'm willing to take the risks necessary to
being happy and living the kind of life
I have chosen for myself.

I'm built to succeed.
It is in my soul DNA.

I always have whatever I need
and everyone else does too.
We are awakening to our abundance.

Now is a new moment.
A "now" - where I can begin to change the things I want to change.

I allow myself to dream big!

Today I feel good.

I'm always in the right place
at the right time.

I take advantage of my abilities
and opportunities.

I receive gratefully.

I'm talented and intelligent.
I have many gifts and talents.

I listen to my gut or
inner wisdom closely.

I forgive easily and keep my heart open.

I'm strong physically,
mentally and emotionally.

I have an awesome imagination!

I learn from my challenges and can
always find ways to overcome them.

I'm at peace with all that has happened, is happening, and will happen.

I deserve peace.

The world is filled with possibilities just waiting for me.

I'm loved.
I love you.
We're all wired for love.

I'm kind to myself and others.